Specialized in biobased and biodegradable production

Vegeplast produces VEGEMAT®, the ultimate raw material that will put an end to polluting plastic; and is specialized in the development and production of compostable, biobased, innovative and environmentally friendly packaging and consumer goods.


Over 20 years expertise

We develop all kinds of packaging and products made of VEGEMAT®, working hand-in-hand together with you to produce innovative solutions for tomorrow.

The definitive global alternative to polluting plastic

We manufacture innovative and competitive products that will replace conventional plastic products, especially single-use plastics.

Combining sustainable development and industrial development is possible


We protect the environment by developing biodegradable and compostable materials and by producing it with zero waste and using renewable energy.


Good for the planet. Good for consumers. Good for businesses.


For over 20 years, Vegeplast has been working on acquiring specific expertise in producing and improving VEGEMAT®, our 100% biobased material.

What is

100% biobased this compound obtained by transforming cereal plants with other components, unlike traditional polluting plastics that are made of petroleum.

100% biodegradable and compostable and compliant with the European Standard EN13432 of compostability, according to this standard it will degrade in six to nine weeks in an industrial compost.

Allows to create and produce all types of injection moulding items to replace all formats and shapes of existing plastic packaging and consumers goods.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: The term “biobased” therefore relates to the origin of the raw material and it should be mentioned that a biobased plastic is not necessarily biodegradable or compostable. Likewise, a biodegradable plastic is not necessarily made from biobased resources.

Our products



flower pot


Vegeplast researches, develops and produces Vegemat, the definitive natural raw material that will put an end to polluting plastic

Beginning of VEGEMAT

Made from Corn and Wheat starch used for animal food

Zero waste
VEGEMAT production generates zero waste


Manufactured products (samples)

As resistant as plastic

Food contact

Oxygen Barrier by cellulose film high barrier

High temperature

Low temperature

Large range of colors


End of life

Compost gives back richness to poor soils due to intensive agriculture

Our products are compostable.
Thrown in organic waste and profesional compost, it degrades in 6-9 weeks.