Vegeplast 1

We manage your project from A to Z: by producing bioplastics by injection moulding


At the cutting-edge of innovation for agro-material production for over 15 years, VEGEPLAST has acquired specific expertise in producing VEGEMAT®, our 100% plant-origin material.
VEGEPLAST has adapted traditional thermoplastics machines for its process. Injecting bioplastics requires moulds to be developed and specific parameters to be set for each project.

We manage the entire process and provide technical expertise based on:


Our injection plant - Specialized in large-scale injection moulding.

Our basic research team - it works on molecules and on materials chemistry to provide VEGEMAT with new properties.


Our applied research team - It integrates manufacturing process management and tailors it to each new project.

Our quality team - It monitors and validates VEGEPLAST’s commitment to design, implementation, monitoring and to improving corporate performance. By establishing an adapted Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001 version 2008 requirements, Vegeplast focuses on developing a continual improvement strategy and on fulfilling customers’ needs.