Vegeplast 1

Combining sustainable development and industrial development is possible!



Protecting our environment

Plastic waste piles up in dumps and carbon dioxide rates continue to rise in the atmosphere.

VEGEPLAST intends to act to protect the environment by developing biodegradable and compostable materials (EN 13432 standard) made from recycled agricultural products.


Producing without polluting

Responsible production is also one of our objectives for industrializing our expertise.

Deciding to be energy efficient is an investment priority: Photovoltaic panels, choice of low-energy machines, choice of materials, etc.

This objective is a perpetual one for our own operating cycle. We develop methods and processes based on eco-technologies (for example, equipment for composting residue).


Developing human potential

« Being a happy company »: holds pride of place in VEGEPLAST’s charter. The company echoes the people who make it. We are committed to helping our employees develop their careers and gain professional fulfilment whilst concurrently developing our activity.


This is how we see sustainable development!