Specialized in bio-sourced and
biodegradable created elements

Today, Vegeplast produces VEGEMAT®, a raw material that permanently puts an end to polluting plastics; and specializes in the development and the production of packaging and other compostable, biosourced, innovative and environment-friendly products.


More than 20 years of expertise

We develop all types of
of packaging and products, made out of
VEGEMAT®, and work hand
in hand with you in order to
find innovative solutions
for our future.

The global and permanent alternative to polluting plastic

We manufacture innovative
and competitive products in
order to replace products made out
of conventional plastic, particularly
those intended for single use.

We combine sustainable development and industrial development

Sustainable development

We protect
the environment by creating
biodegradable and
compostable products
and we’re oriented towards
a waste-free and clean production
thanks to renewable energies.

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Good for the planet. Good for
consumers. Good for
the economy.

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During the past 20 years,
Vegeplast worked on 
acquiring specific expertise
to develop and
produce VEGEMAT®, our 100% biosourced material.

What is Vegemat ?

100% bio-sourced, this compound is obtained through the processing of cereals and other ingredients, unlike traditional petroleum-based polluting plastics.

100% biodegradable and 100% compostable, certified by the European Standard 13432 on compostability, which guarantees a deterioration between six and nine weeks in an industrial compost.

Allows the creation and production of products nowadays manufactured by thermoplastic injection, to replace almost all kinds of packaging formats and other consumer products.

*IMPORTANT TO KNOW: the term “bio-sourced” is related to the origin of the raw material used, and it is
important to mention that biosourced plastic is not necessarily biodegradable or compostable. Furthermore, the
biodegradable plastic is not necessarily bio-sourced.

Our products


The Biotray is a major alternative to the conventional plastic tray and offers a new way to consume.

Vegeplast produces VEGEMAT®, the raw material which puts a permanent end to polluting plastic

Origins of VEGEMAT

Made from cereals

Zero waste
The production of VEGEMAT® does not
generate waste

Products (examples of properties)

As resistant as plastic

Suitable for food contact

High oxygen barrier thanks to the cellulose film

Heat resistant 

Cold resistant

Large color selection 

End of lifecycle

Recurso 10

Compost restores fertility
in soils impoverished from over-intensive agriculture

Our products are compostable
When thrown in organic waste, they deteriorate completely between
6 and 9 weeks

Our Challenge

Our certifications

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