The company

Our story

“VEGEPLAST is an innovative company spun off by the agricultural cooperation to bring new outlets for its farmers.

In 2010, VEGEPLAST launched a Nespresso compatible biodegradable capsule, with a monthly production that has risen to 30 million caspules. Thanks to it’s experience, VEGEPLAST became an industrialist who from now on, distributes VEGEMAT® and its products all over the world. »

Creation : 2003


Bazet, France, 7000 m² site

Staff : 26 employees

Research and development

Today Vegeplast dedicates more than 10% of its turnover to developing the new VEGEMAT® vegetable plastics, biodegradable with properties (mechanical, thermal, technical) that are close to the basic petrochemical plastics. (photo on the left of ” R&D “)

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