The innovative and biodegradable coffee capsule

Innovative concept of Vegeplast, this capsule is compatible with Nespresso machines is :

100 %

made in France biosourced vegetable biodegradable home compost

Our certifications by TUV Austria:

licensee number: S0879

Vegecap is also

without aluminum

oil free

oil free

Made from Vegemat, Vegecap is the result of 10 years of know-how and innovation.

This biosourced capsule is manufactured in a short circuit: its research, its raw material and its manufacture are carried out in the same factory.

Vegecap, is an environmentally friendly capsule

GMO and petroleum free, this biodegradable capsule is an oxygen barrier.
It ensures an optimal conservation of the coffee during 12 months.

  • Its raw material is of vegetable origin.
  • The lifetime of vegecap is 2 years from the date of manufacture.
  • The volume of the capsule is 13mL.
  • It is customizable thanks to our multiple color ranges and our different seals.

The complete biodegradation of Vegecap is completed in 26 weeks in a home compost

The Earth will thank us: it will help fertilize our soils.

Where to dispose of Vegecap?

Garbage can

Household Compost

Industrial Compost

Our clients

We sell Vegecap exclusively to roasters. We are constantly innovating to offer you the best 100% vegetable and compostable capsule at home.

Did you



As the recycling of capsules is not very respectful of the environment, the Vegecap offers you a real alternative for the end of life. By composting it at home, you are helping to give back to the earth what it has given us.

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