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VEGEPLAST, specialist in bioplastic by injection molding


VEGEPLAST is an independent French company specialist in the transformation of renewable resources into 100% biosourced, biodegradable and compostable plastic pieces through injection moulding.


It is headquartered close to Tarbes (Midi-Pyrenees region, France); the company has immediate access to the major cereal-crop productions of the South-West of France, where it has a readily available supply of raw materials (corn, wheat, etc.).



VEGEPLAST manufactures the biodegradable compatible caps for Nespresso machine,  and wants to participate at sustainable developpement of the earth




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Ecological and environmental:

  • VEGEMAT¬ģ is exclusively made from renewable resources (plants, cereals).
  • VEGEPLAST manufactures¬†bioplastic in the natural environment or by composting (EN 13432 standard),
  • VEGEPLAST is equipped with photovoltaic panels, which ensure it can meet its own energy requirements,
  • VEGEPLAST is one of the few companies in this business activity that publishes its carbon footprint.



  • The company uses regional suppliers exclusively for its raw materials,
  • VEGEPLAST provides training in the eco-design of biodegradable plastic pieces.



  • VEGEPLAST, a fast growing company, supports local employment initiatives,
  • VEGEPLAST partners include laboratories, technology centres and businesses from the South-West.