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The company

For more than 20 years, Vegeplast has acquired specific expertise for the development and production of VEGEMAT®, our 100% biosourced and biodegradable material.
We combine sustainable development and industrial development. We protect the environment by developing biodegradable and compostable products and focus on waste-free and clean production using renewable energy. Thanks to our products made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials, farmers become key players in the circular economy.

Located in the south-west of France, Vegeplast favors the short circuit and 100% made in France. We carry out in our factory:

  • The research
  • The manufacture of Vegemat
  • Injection of finished products

Our history

The origin of Vegeplast dates back to 1996, when Vincent Pluquet approached the Toulouse University in order to recycle agricultural waste. In 2003, after seven years of research, an innovative material was developed, Vegemat. From this discovery, he decided to make it an industrial reality: Vegeplast.
In 1998, a first golf tee was made from Vegemat. Since then, Vegeplast has continued to innovate: bones for dogs (Vegebone), vine clip, coffee capsules, candle holders, cutlery…
With this experience, VEGEPLAST has become an industrial leader now exporting VEGEMAT® and its products to many countries.


A common passion that motivates all of our collaborators


An R&D team always ready to rise from new challenges


Transparency of our activities thanks to certificates

Research and development

Vegeplast now devotes more than 10% of its turnover to developing new VEGEMAT® plant-based, biodegradable plastics with properties (mechanical, thermal, technical) close to plastics of basic petrochemical origin. ( photo on the left of “R&D”)

Our mission

Constantly innovating to replace plastic by developing solutions
biodegradable and compostable with low environmental impact.​

Our ambitions

Provide France with a solution in its transition to a circular economy.

Make Vegemat the essential material to replace less recycled petrochemical plastics.

Encourage the creation of a collection system for biodegradable products for industrial composting.


Our company devotes a large part of its turnover and its workforce to the Research and Development department.

The R&D team works on the Vegemat family: biosourced and compostable materials (industrially or domestically) with mechanical and thermal properties adapted to your needs.

This department works in close collaboration with the Design Office department in order to best adapt the Vegemat to your finished product.

Composed of several project managers with varied profiles (plastics engineer, materials engineer, design engineer, etc.), our multidisciplinary team will support you in carrying out your injection projects:

1 – Definition of the specifications

2 – Material formulation to adapt the Vegemat to your needs:

  • Composting or industrial,
  • Suitable for food contact,
  • Temperature resistance,
  • Controlled cost,
  • Optimization of barrier properties…

3 – Product design:

  • Proposal of a part by the customer,
  • Design by the design office.

4 – Mold design:

  • Mold optimization,
  • Prototype mold (one imprint),
  • Technical validation of the part…

5 – Production of parts

  • Injection process development
  • Optimization of cycle time and performance,
  • Control of the injection conditions…

From an operational point of view, Vegeplast is equipped with numerous laboratory equipment

and test.

Complete extrusion line: 10 to 80 Kg/h for all types of materials (granular, powder,


Injection molding machine: 50 T and 400 T (locking force),

Mixer, desiccator…

Mechanical analyzes (traction, bending, Charpy impact),

DSC and DMA thermal analysis,

Material fluidity: MFI

Did you know ?

The term “biobased” is linked to the origin of the raw material used. Biobased plastic is not necessarily biodegradable or compostable. Conversely, biodegradable plastic is not always plant-based. Vegeplast® only manufactures biodegradable and biosourced products.

Our partners

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Vegeplast utilise des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site Web.

Vegeplast utilise des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site Web.