Vegebone – The 100% vegetable bone for dogs that replaces the plastic bone

  • The 25 gr → Small size for your dogs not exceeding 10 kilos
  • The 75 gr → Large size for your dogs over 10 kilos

100 %

made in France edible vegetable biodegradable

Vegebone is also

Without additives

Rich in Vitamins A, D & E


Vegebone is the alternative to plastic and composite bones containing food by-products.

It is a dietary supplement for dogs rich in vegetable fiber that facilitates digestion and reduces the accumulation of pie. It also keeps gums healthy and freshens breath through chewing. L’os pour chien 100% végétal est le compromis idéal entre le jouet, la friandise et le soin. By its friability and abrasive power, it accentuates the elimination of the dental plaque in the dog.
The vegetable bone respects the standards in force:
Directive 70/524/EEC – decree n° 86-1037.

Manufacture and characteristics:

Vegebone is available in four ranges:

Anti-allergic Participates in the proper development of bones Helps the cardiovascular system Supports the functioning of the intestines

Its strengths:

  • 100% edible bone
  • Rich in vitamins A, D & E (low fat 1.2%)
  • Without additives (sugar, preservative)
  • Cleans the teeth

The atypical shape of the Vegebone is a real asset for your dog to have a fun time while ensuring better oral hygiene.

Natural toy – dental care

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Large-scale distribution

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Prevention is essential for good oral hygiene. Our Vegebones participate in the elimination of dental plaque at the origin of many progressive diseases including periodontal disease.

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